Turn-key ERP Solution

The Enterprise Series™ is the latest version of the net collection TM software portfolio.  Each product may be implemented as an integrated enterprise-wide solution or to satisfy a specific business function.

The application infrastructure supports multiple corporations, divisions, facilities, and activity centers with the ability to independently configure decision logic based on unique entity requirements.

The Enterprise Series™ user interface options include graphical PC-based or traditional text-based user screens. The software suite may run on a single centralized server or have mission-critical functions networked on distributed servers. The product also offers portable data collection capabilities utilizing Radio Frequency data collection devices updating the relational database real-time as bar-codes are scanned.

Fully Integrated

Power Team Systems Consulting Group guarantees that each customer is protected beyond the original implementation with our unique Support and Product Additions program (or SPA). In addition to 24 hour/7 day support, our customers receive ongoing releases to satisfy their changing market demands and evolving consumer requirements. All without the risks inherent within a tradition custom environment.

The Enterprise Series™ from Power Team Systems Consulting Group. Investing in your industry.