• Resource Manager™ is the foundation product within the Enterprise Series™.
  • Resource Manager™ enables an organization to finitely define all product resources, process resources, overhead resources, and labor resources required in the manufacturing process.
  • Resource Manager™ provides the user the ability to select different attributes to uniquely define product structures; yarn could utilize blend, count system, count and ply; fabric could utilize style, width, color; packaging supplies could use an item code; and a garment or blanket could utilize a style, color, and size matrix.
  • Resource Manager™ affords the user the opportunity to efficiently connect resources into a multi-plant bill of resources, thus building a parent/child relationship uniquely defining all resources (products, processes, overhead, and labor) required in manufactoring a unique product.

Business Functions

Item Master                    Activity Center                   Overhead Elements

Yarn Master                   Plant Matrix                          Work Center

Fabric Master                Fiber Master                          Process Routes

Labor Codes                 Warp Master                         Bill of Resources

Machine                           Sewn Products