Net Inventory Exec™

Raw Material/ Direct Components Positions

Unit and Summary Valuations

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Finished Goods' Replenishment Programs

Scheduled Receipts and Transfers

Net Supply Chain Exec™

Vendor Quality and Delivery Program

Commission Processing Services

Lead Time Tracking

Best Routing of Shipments

Domestic and Offshore Tracking

Import/Export Status

  • The Exec Suite™ is a graphical executive information system (EIS) within the Enterprise Series™. Each transaction or "event" occurring within the Enterprise Series™ is harvested and exported into one of four distinct data warehouses for trend or detail "drill-down" analysis and reporting. Executives or managers may easily move between various predefined presentation models to visually track performance over time throughout the entire enterprise. By monitoring trends, operation exceptions and "what-if" scenarios, the user community can proactively manage all business activities with relevant information presented in graphical format.

Net Sales Exec™

Sales Persons Performance

Sales Channel or Market Segment

Customer/Group Margin Analysis

Products/Seasons/Gross Margin Analysis

Actual vs. Sales Forecasts

Net Production Exec™

Actual vs. Planning Forecast

Capacity Balancing

Work Center Tracking

Lead Time Reduction

Quality Monitoring