• Event Tracker™ stores all event occurrences in a data warehouse detailing the origin of the event, the user, date, time, manufacturing order, product, quantity, work center, machine and any pertinent quality measurement data the user records to the log. The quality measurement data stores what the system prompted the user to enter, what the acceptable range of values is, and what the user actually entered. The warehouse provides the user with potential trends and input for various statistical evaluations.
  • Event Tracker™ is the product within the Enterprise Series™ responsible for building a data warehouse of specific events that occur. Event Tracker™ supports system-generated events (like manufacturing order starts and stops) as well as user-defined events to alert the plant floor manufacturing associates with specific product run instructions and quality tracking measurement requirements. Certain events impact summary perpetual inventory.

Business Functions:

Event Management with Quality Variables

Event/Inventory Transactions

Event Entry

Event Occurrence Warehouse

Inventory Transactions