Business Functions:

Resource Position Grid

Master Resource Bdugeting/Planning

Rought Cut Capacity Planning

Planned Order Quantities Generation

Work Center Leveling Within Capacity Capabilities

Automatic Lot Sizing And Lead Time Offset Analysis

Manufacturing Order/Purchase Order Generated Automatically

  • Pro Plan™ initially suggests order quantities to satisfy all demand without influence of available capacity. It then recognizes capacity constraints and offers work center leveling of product load, thus automatically adjusting the planned order quantities inside capacity capabilities. This change then automatically re-plans the lower level resources to accommodate the leveling adjustments.
  • Pro Plan™ provides a tool for firming the time-phased planned order quantities, which converts products that are purchased to a request for purchase and manufactured products to a manufacturing order. The purchase requisition automatically appears in PO+™ while the manufacturing orders are immediately routed to Scheduler™.
  • Pro Plan™ is the product within the Enterprise Series™ responsible for building time-phased resource plans. Pro Plan™ integrates with all products within Enterprise Series™ to answer the following questions: What are we going to make? What resources are required to make it? What do we have? What do we need? When do we need it?
  • Pro Plan™ monitors the various products, compiles the available data, and builds a time-phased resource portion grid netting on-hand resources against demand, then suggesting a planned quantity to make or buy.