Three-Way Matching

Discount Handling

Payment Scheduling

Multiple Remit To's 

Partial Payments 

Manual Checks and EFT's

1099 Reporting

Bank Reconciliation

Multiple Accounts

Miscellaneous Fees

Deposit Register Reconciliation

Posted Checks Reconciliation

Immediate On-hand Reconciliation

Historical Archiving of Transactions

  • Cash Controller™ is responsible for managing cash receipts, collection, cash disbursements and bank reconciliation. Cash Controller™ is directly linked with Pro Plan™ for visibility of scheduled receipts; Customer Link™ for new sales orders and invoicing, payments history and working with Factors; PO+™ for goods and services purchased from vendors and contractors; Inventory Processor™ for current unit and summary inventory valuations at a plant, division, corporate level and with Distribution Handler™ for three-way matching for vendor payment.
  • Cash Controller™ provides meaningful information for the management of past and planned purchases and expenditures.
  • Cash Controller™ is the product within the Enterprise Series™ that provides a unified view of a company's cash assets with visibility of current positions in Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P)
  • Cash Controller™ provides a plant based Chart of Accounts.  Products are grouped into categories and associated with financial events and unique General Ledger accounts. 
  • Cash Controller TM is fully integrated and updated "real-time" with all customer and vendor activity.
  • Cash Controller TM allows for multiple bank accounts.
  • Cash Controller TM maintains a user defined ageing of A/R and A/P. 


Allocation to Invoices

A/R Aging Analysis

Credit Management Alerts

Unearned Discount Alerts

Partial Payments

Factor Receipts

Deposit Slip Preparation