Business Functions:

Customer Profile and Supporting Tables

Sales Order EDI and Manual Entry

Credit Management (Internal and Factored)

Inventory Reservations

Shipment Creation

Invoice Creation and Processing

Customer Service Inquiries

  • Customer Link™ is the sales order processing product within the Enterprise Series™. Customer Link™ is built to process volumes of orders with minimal human intervention.
  • Customer Link™ accepts sales orders electronically utilizing standard 850 EDI structures or through manual entry. Multiple methods of order entry including customer product, as well as style, color and size matrix are supported. The sales orders are automatically credit approved or held in the approval queue for internal or factor-based approvals.
  • Customer Link™ automatically reserves inventory to orders based on priority, or enables the users to manually allocate inventory to fill orders. The allocation is then released to Distribution Handler™ for picking, verification and loading.
  • Distribution Handler™ then passes the actual pick results back to Customer Link™ to automatically build an invoice (EDI Segment 810). The invoice triggers sales events with the appropriate accounts receivable transactions immediately available. Customer Link™ may be utilized in hands-free mode with the system automatically performing many of the tasks. A free-form comments pad is integrated throughout the process with visibility of all comments and from where they originated. These comments are printed on various documents under user control.