Business Functions:

Integration with other Enterprise Series™ Products

Unit Inventory Structures

Summary Inventory Processor

Summary Inventory Structures

Summary Period-End Roll Forward

Inventory Valuations/Listings

  • Inventory Processor™ manages unit level stock inventories as well as perpetual summary inventories. Inventory Processor™ receives inventory event requests primarily for PO+™, Custom Link™, Scheduler™, and Distribution Handler™ to receive inventory against open orders; allocate available inventory to sales orders; issue direct material to manufacturing orders; handle customer and work in process returns; re-pack non-consumed inventory; transfer inventory to off-site locations (and contractors); and ship inventory to customers.
  • Inventory Processor™ immediately processes the events and recalculates on-hand stock as well as summary inventory available. On-hand stock is the summary of all tangible units non-committed and available for utilization. Summary inventory available is the calculation of on-hand stock plus scheduled receipts (both open purchase orders now received and/or manufacturing orders in process), minus any reservation and allocations (against sales orders and/or manufacturing orders).
  • Inventory Processor™ captures the origin of all events and commits the user, work station, program, quantity, date, time, etc. to a data warehouse thereafter available for analysis or troubleshooting.