• PO+™ supports regular purchase orders, blanket contracts with associated releases, as well as purchases against a capital project. The purchase order is the released with associated print copy or via EDI. PO+™ then integrates with Distribution Handler™ to conduct receipts reconciliation and quality assurances. The receipt is placed in a pending invoice queue.
  • PO+™ enables the user to enter the vendor invoice. The system will automatically match the invoice to open reconciled receivers to place the invoice in an error queue awaiting buyer approval before processing. Accounts payable transactions are generated for immediate posting. PO+™ is one system for all purchasing management.
  • PO+™ is the purchase order management product within the Enterprise Series™.
  • PO+™ enables an organization to consolidate all divisional and plant purchasing requirements into one system. Multiple supporting tables enable the user to build standard data that will default into the carious business functions expediting the purchasing process. The vendor profile accepts traditional input such as name, address, and contact.

Business Functions:

Vendor Profile and Supporting Tables

General Ledger Category Tables

Request For Purchase Generation

Request for Purchase Consolidation/Approval

Purchase Order Services

Vendor Invoice Processing

Capital Projects Tracking

Cash Requirements Forecasting