• Scheduler™ is the product within the Enterprise Series™ responsible for manufacturing order management.
  • Scheduler™ provides visibility of the entire manufacturing environment allowing the user community to enhance manufacturing productivity through dynamic utilization of capacity and material resources. The system is built utilizing control numbers referred to as manufacturing orders. A manufacturing order may be created as a make-to-order for a specific customer, or created from Pro Plan™ to satisfy an aggregate demand.
  • The system will automatically calculate the material and process requirements to satisfy the product quantity on the manufacturing order. The user may allocate inventory to satisfy the requirement or allow the system to automatically allocate. Scheduler™ is designed to be a "paperless" system or users may print bar-coded paperwork for tracking on the floor including the process route guide, manufacturing instructions, tracking labels, as well as a pick list of raw materials allocated to the manufacturing order.
  • Scheduler™ has a built-in WIP tracking system that allows user input at each step in the route, including time/date, starts, stops, comments, ssociate responsible, and quantity being processed, All history is maintained for percent return calculations, variance analysis, and period-to-period comparisons.

Business Functions:

Production Calenders

Manufacturing Order Analysis

Inventory Allocation

Work Center Scheduling

Manufacturing Order Splits/Reworks Tracking

Machine Line-up Sequencing with Finite Dating

Production Entry