• Cost Construction™ is the product within the Enterprise Series™ responsible for building cost structures. Cost Construction™ integrates with Resource Manager™ enabling the entry of up to eight plant-based costs for all purchased products, labor resources, and overhead cost elements. These independent costs are summed immediately during the building of the bill of resources, giving the product development staff immediate cost for new products and "what if" cost for changes to existing resources.
  • Cost Construction™ provides infinite cost allocation methods to distribute fixed costs to activity centers (departments) with calculation of these foxed costs detailed to a machine hour basis and automatically built into the bill of resources.
  • Cost Construction™ detects new resources as well as changes to existing resources within Resource Manager™ and affords the user the ability to execute a net change roll up to the cost files. The net change filters all impacted resources and gives the user the opportunity to select or omit the changes within the live cost files. The cost files provide the base line for all immediate financial comparative analysis.

Business Functions:

Plant-Specific Resource Cost Matirx Entry

Bill of Resource Integration for Immediate "What If" Cost

Resource Budget Cost File

User Defined Cost Files

Cost Group/Category Cost Files

Fixed Cost Allocation Method/Distribution to Machine Hour Basis

Net Change Additions of New and Changed Products